There are many news websites and portals serving the needs of the Sikh Sangat, but a bridge that brings reporters and news outlets to the sangat has been missing. The Sikh community faces issues in all directions, and because of this, many important issues get swept aside for the next crises or headline. This story has been seen repeated time after time and thus the birth of PunjabHitz . PunjabHitz is a News Portal which does not operate under sole authority of proprietorship. Rather, the intention is to provide a platform to all members of the Sikh community to come together as reporters to bring attention to incidents from their local community of their interest through organization.

With the formation of the Khalsa, Guru Gobind Singh Ji envisioned his Sikhs to take up roles of Sant-Sipahis. As Saints, we have to ensure the spiritual side of the Sikh religion flourishes and, as Soldiers, Sikhs have to stand for righteousness. Both of these tasks remain unapproachable without there being a media service which is accessible by all Sikhs. Without media, we cannot inspire or raise awareness of issues affecting the Sikh community globally.